Sunday, April 4, 2010

On Nesting and Voting

I overwhelmed my husband last week. Not intentionally, of course. I was just swept up in a wave of ideas and wanted to do everything all at once.

Allow me to explain: it was spring break. That means I'd been at home more than usual, and spent some time noticing how spartan the place really is. I've also been realizing how much nursing school precludes many creative activities that I enjoy. So when I get a block of creative time, I work: completing two sofa pillows, hanging pictures, planting our future "potted garden" (!), completing a hooded towel for my nieces birthday...

... and painting. Now, the question "to paint/not to paint" was a difficult one for me, because I didn't want to get to get carried away with the aesthetics of our house to an excess. I also didn't want to waste what little money we spend on things that were less important than, for example, supporting relief efforts in Haiti, supporting the community, blessing others, etc. I am very cynical about the broader elections in this country, but I firmly believe that the way we 'vote'-- by the things we spend our hours and dollars doing and buying-- is an important thing. I get squeamish about buying too much plastic junk from China. I can't shop at Gap anymore. Being in Target for too long is overwhelming, because it stirs up in me way more consumerism than I am comfortable with.

Anyway. One of the things that Matthew and I agreed upon in premarital counseling (and we really agreed, because we each wrote it down separately without prompting) was that we wanted an open, welcoming home. And lately I've been in several homes that were decorated in a way that was cozy and welcoming. But how to do it without wasting money?

Enter Sandtown Habitat ReStore. It has paint and basic painting supplies, and supports the neighborhood economy. It gave my friend A. a job when he needed one, and so, I thought, it was a good vote. Our walls are now halfway mint green. The rest of the painting job will have to wait until I get another break in classes, but I'm happy about the choice.

How do you vote?

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